Guyanese Komfa: A Ritual Art in Practice

Mr. Keith Waithe
Dr. Michelle Asantewa

Explores Komfa’s potential as an empowering symbol of cultural identity and form of artistic expression relevant to Guyana and Guyanese. It will include performative elements, introducing a selection of Western and Bamboo Atentaben flutes, Percussion instruments (Shack Shacks and Claves); Djembe, Talking and Kpanalogo drums.

Slo Fyah….

Mr.Ron Bobb-Semple

A one-man presentation, takes a dramatic journey through historical moments in Guyana. For decades, the two major ethnic groups, Africans and Indians, stood on opposite sides of the fence. Though they mingled and married, ethnic suspicion fueled animus, and set the stage for clashes. They have slept together, eaten together, mix their genes and raised children together, but their politics have been at odds for more than 50 years, threatening to force the nation over the cliff.

“Who is speakin like that?” Verbal Interaction in the Guyanese Primary School

Ms. Charlene Wilkinson

This performance presents scenes of verbal interaction in the primary classroom of a Guyanese school in a situation where varieties of Creolese are spoken by the great majority of pupils and their teachers and everyone is a learner of English. The drama develops to uncover a fundamental contradiction between the ostensible goals of education and the classroom practices recommended in the curriculum guides.

The Road To The Guyana Sound

Mr. Derry Etkins

A video presentation that shows some scenes from Georgetown. The “sound track” uses some of the musical elements available to us, attempting to create different moods.

Evolution of Guyanese Unique Creative Poetic Art Form

Mr. James C. Richmond
Experience an explicatory on Guyana’s unique poetic art form.

Drums and Riddims: The Heart Beat of the Nation

Monday, May 23, 2016 from 6:00 pm at Arthur Chung Conference Center

This performance explores and celebrates the nation’s range of drums and ancestral beats. The performance will feature Buxton Fusion School of Music, National School of Music, National School of Dance, Indus Voices, Andrew Tyndall, Andrea Mentore, Mark Cyrus, Deodat Persaud, Gavin Mendonca, and others.