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Ms. Estherine Adams completed a Masters in Guyanese and West Indian History and is currently a history lecturer in the Department of Social Studies at the University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus.

Partition or Perish: Eusi Kwayana’s Peculiar Solution to Guyana’s Race Problem: 50 Years Later

Shamir AllyDr. Shamir Andrew Ally is a Professor of Management, William Loveland College/ILM, MBA Program. He has 27 years of teaching experiences at Undergraduate and Graduate level in the USA, Romania, Qatar, and Guyana. In addition, Dr. Ally has 35 years of USA Corporate Businesses’ Experiences as Corporate Controller, Chief Accounting Officer, Vice-President of Finance, and Chief Financial Officer at American Stock Exchange (AMEX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ), Listed PUBLIC Corporations in New York and Pennsylvania, USA.

Servant Leadership Principles, Practices and Ethics

Michelle AsantewaDr. Michelle Yaa Asantewa formerly lectured in English and Creative Writing at London Metropolitan University. Her forthcoming books, Guyanese Komfa: the Ritual Art of Trance, her PhD thesis, Something Buried in the yard, a novella which was part of her research on Guyanese Komfa and Mama Lou Tales: a folkloric biography of a Guyanese Elder will be published in 2016.
angelina.autarMs. Angelina Autar has been a lecturer and researcher at the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus since 2011. Her teaching and research interests include sociological theory, student life and mental health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Saint John’s University in Jamaica, NY.
Godfrey Brandt has worked in Education and the Arts as a teacher, youth worker, university teacher and researcher, theatre director and Cultural Manager. As Senior Education Officer at the Arts Council, he was Head of the Education Unit, Director of Education (and Cultural Programming)/Deputy Director General at the Commonwealth Institute, London. His professional and research interests are in Cultural Studies, critical education, the dynamics of cultural relations, and cultural policy and management. His private passions are literature, music and the theatre. Godfrey Brandt is the former  Programme Director (and Founder) of the Graduate Arts Policy and Management Programme at Birkbeck and  is now Associate Research Fellow in Arts Management in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies in the School of Arts.  He is the founding Director of Couvade (Cultural Management) Consultants and an Associate Research Fellow of Focus Consultants.
Mr. Fidel Captain is a Queen’s College Guyana Scholar, who received his Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from UMIST in Computer Systems Engineering, a Master’s in Information Technology from Capella University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Higher Education, Higher Education Leadership and Administration Specialization from Capella University.

Recommendations for 21st Century Post-Secondary Education in Guyana and Other Developing Countries

Joy Carew-53-XL (1)

Dr. Joy Gleason Carew, Ph.D. is the resident linguist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville and the author of “Blacks, Reds, and Russians: Sojourners in Search of the Soviet Promise” (Rutgers University Press, 2008). She was born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent most of her adult life in other parts of the US or abroad, including numerous trips to the USSR/Russia. She has been teaching in academe for over forty years, in institutions as varied as community colleges, major research universities, small liberal arts colleges, and historically black universities. She met Jan Carew in 1974 and they spent the next 37 years together. Dr. Carew worked with Jan Carew on previous work, including his memoirs, and collections of essays, stories and poetry.

Black Midas Reflects: Jan Carew on Guyanese Culture, Politics, and Environment

Collin M. ConstantineMr. Collin Constantine is a PhD student in Economics at Kingston University and a Teaching Fellow at SOAS, University of London. His research interests include institutions, inequality, macroeconomics, development economics and political economy. He holds a Master of Science Degree (Distinction) in Development Economics from the University of London and is a recipient of the Professor Clive Thomas Award in 2013 and a PhD studentship from Kingston University in 2015.

Economic Structure, Allocation of Human Capital and Growth

dianna-glasgowMrs. Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow is a PhD Student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago pursuing degree in Economic Development Policy.

Challenges and Opportunities of SPS and TBT Measures for Increasing Food and Agricultural Exports from Guyana

Upgrading in the Global Furniture Value Chain: What Possibilities for Guyana?

Vidur Dindayal

Vidur Dindayal, 81, London UK resident, Architect, former lecturer, author of books: ‘Guyanese Achievers UK and USA & Canada and website’, is a volunteer Chaplain, active in Inter Faith in South London. Born at Blairmont, he was educated at Rosignol, New Amsterdam, Georgetown, Delhi University and London South Bank University.

Duane EdwardsMr. Duane Edwards is currently a graduate student at University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus. His thesis relates to the rigidity of the roles, structures, and institutions established during the plantation era in the Caribbean, using Guyana as case study.

Suicide in Guyana: A Sociological Analysis

lemegheboMs. Lorraine Emeghebo, RN, EdD has been a nurse Educator for over 30 years. She received her doctoral degree from Columbia University. She is currently is an Associate Professor in the Division of Nursing at Molloy College where she teaches in the Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. Dr. Emeghebo is a member of Scholarship Selection Committee for the Foundation of National Student Nurses where she assists the Foundation in selecting of recipients for scholarships. She was also selected by National Council of State Boards of Nursing to participate on the NCLEX item development panel of test item writer experts. Dr. Emeghebo has volunteered her services both in Guyana and Haiti and has received awards for her work in Guyana and Haiti. She has written and published articles on her work as well and has presented on her research at several Conferences.
Derryl EtkinsBorn and raised in Guyana, Mr. Derry Etkins moved to the BVI in 2007, after living for some time in Barbados. A pianist, Derry has been a musician for four decades, and a Music Educator for three. Music Journalism, a new interest, grew out of a desire to help inform audiences. His teaching, playing, arranging and composing skills took him to Barbados. He quickly established himself as one of the prominent arrangers there. While there, he added studio engineering to skill set. He taught in Secondary Schools as well as designed and delivered courses at the Barbados Community College. Mr. Etkin’s recording skills took him to the British Virgin Islands in 2006 and, the following year, he took up a teaching position there. Within a year, Derry established “The St. George’s Muzik Lab”, named after his new school. Mr. Etkins enjoys a game of pool, and loves nature.
winston felixMr. Winston Felix is the author of several publications on Guyana and the Caribbean. His most recent contribution to the debate on Guyana/Venezuela relations occurred with the publication of “The shifting foreign policy of Venezuela toward Guyana.” In addition, “Issues in Guyana’s Development” addresses current aspects of Guyana’s development. Among the issues addressed are the significant data problems associated with measuring Guyana’s GDP and its growth. The national accounts were based on 1988 production patterns, when Guyana’s private sector was very small and mining and agriculture overwhelmingly dominated the country’s economic activity. Thus, the contribution of the private sector to economic activity following market reforms, particularly the growth in services, had been underestimated. The informal sector, which expanded in recent years, has not being accounted for.

The Venezuelan Challenge to Guyana’s Sovereignty 

Rudy Jadopat

Dr. Rudy R. Jadoopat is the only Guyanese with a Doctorate Degree in economics from the prestigious Moscow State Lomonosov University. He also holds a Master of Science Degree in economics among many other outstanding academic achievements. He published and contributed many scientific papers and articles in the Economic Journal of the Latin American Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. His main academic focus has been on ‘The Economic Development of Guyana and Problems of Regulating International Economic Relations’ and ‘Planning the Development of International Trade of Guyana’. Dr. Jadoopat worked at Moscow State University. He was a member of a special team of economic advisors to the Russian Prime Minister 1992-1997, during the perestroika period and worked behind the scenes guiding the processes which ended the ‘cold war’. He was a ‘go-to’ person providing invaluable consultations and advice to the government of Russia on legislative, economic, political and social reforms.

Presenter Shammane Joseph JacksonMs. Shammane Joseph-Jackson has a Masters of Arts in Guyanese and West Indian History and is currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the University of Guyana, Tain Campus.

Partition or Perish: Eusi Kwayana’s Peculiar Solution to Guyana’s Race Problem: 50 Years Later

Aliyah Khou

Dr. Aliyah Khan is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, and the Arab and Muslim Studies Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her research and writing focus on the literature of indigeneity, race, and religion in the contemporary Caribbean and its diasporas, and immigrant literature in the United States.

Mr. Ronald H. Lammy, is a graduate of GTI, Guyana, and Columbia University, NY. He is Managing Partner of eCarohConsulting, a cultural resource in strategic planning with a hands-on approach to the presentation of art forms represented at BostonsOwn.com. He, through eCarohConsulting, provides services to commercial and non-profit entities to assist them in achieving optimal operating performance.
Mr. Charles Liverpool, a native of Guyana, resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and studied creative writing at Georgia State University. He is a Graduate of Central Michigan University, (M.S.A). He has published five books of Poetry and one Personal Essay, and frequent contributor to GCA events. He’s an avid photographer.

Toward a Just and Caring Future

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr. Leyland M. Lucas is an Associate Professor of Management and Director of the PhD Program in Business Administration at Morgan State University (MSU). He is also a Visiting Lecturer and External Examiner at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), where he lectures in Strategic Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, and Organizational Theory. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland, University College, where he teaches Global Strategic Management. Dr. Lucas received his Ph.D. degree in Organization Management from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 2001. He also holds an MBA from Howard University, and a BSoc. Sc. (Economics) from the University of Guyana. His primary research interests are in areas of knowledge transfer, minority and diaspora entrepreneurship, and organizational reputation.

Leveraging the Diaspora for Community Economic Development
The Role of the University in a Developing Economy

Lear Matthew

Dr. Lear Matthews is a professor at State University of New York Empire State College. A former lecturer at the University of Guyana, Faculty of Social Science, he is the author of “English-Speaking Caribbean Immigrants: Transnational Identities” (2014) and “Communities and Development: A neglected dimension of nation building” (1980), which he co-authored with Dr. Ken Danns. He is a member of the editorial board of the Caribbean Journal of Social Work, executive member of the Caribbean Association of Social Work Educators, and a certified clinical social Worker. Dr. Matthews served as clinical Director of the Bedford Stuyvesant Community Mental Health Center, Brooklyn, New York for more than ten years. He has written extensively on the adaptation of immigrants in North America, cultural retentions and coping with the trauma of natural disasters.

paloma mohamedDr. Paloma Mohamed was educated at the University of Guyana, Harvard University and the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Her area of specialization is social change specifically how communicative aspects of social life and culture are implicated in change. She has written and edited several books in addition to publishing in several academic journals. Dr. Mohamed has been Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Director, Centre for Communication Studies, University of Guyana. She has won several local and international awards for her writing and mentoring work in education and culture including a Presidential Medal of Service in 2012 and from The City of New York in 2013. She became the first woman Caribbean Laureate for Excellence in Arts and Letters in 2015 and was recognized for her work in education and culture with a National Arrow of Achievement in May 2015.

Wazir Mohamed

Dr. Wazir Mohamed is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology, Indiana University East. Apart from teaching classes in the sociology of inequality, social change, social conflict, social problems, race and ethnicity, sociology of work, and sociology of food, professor Mohamed chairs the diversity committee at Indiana University East, and is very active in social justice and human rights issues. He is heavily involved in community work and social justice activism at the local, national, and international levels of society, which ranges from participation as Chair of the Richmond Human Rights Commission, and involvement with local churches in the Children of Abraham Study Committee to coordinating the “Justice for Walter Rodney Committee,” a global watchdog group that educates and shares information on the Commission of Inquiry into the assassination of renowned historian and political activist, Walter Rodney. Dr. Mohamed holds a B.S. in Communication from the University of Guyana, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Binghamton University. His interests include the intersection of Atlantic slavery, particularly with the rise of slavery in the age of abolition, the second slavery in Cuba, Brazil, and the USA with the persistence of ethnic divisions and marginalization of the descendants of slaves in the African Diaspora of the Caribbean and the Americas. Prior to becoming an academic, Dr. Mohamed was one of the co-leaders of the Working Peoples Alliance, the political party of Walter Rodney.

Norman MonroeDr. Norman Munroe has a BS Chemistry/Physics; M.Phil. Mineral Engineering; MS Metallurgical Engineering; and Eng.Sc.D. Chemical Metallurgy, Columbia University, N.Y. He has served as Chairman, MME Department, Associate Dean and Director of two centers at Florida International University and has published over 210 Journal articles/Proceedings/Presentations and advised over 110 graduate students.
Dhanpaul Narine attended Saraswat High School at DeKinderen on the West Coast of Demerara in Guyana. He earned his BA degree from the University of Guyana and proceeded to the London School of Economics where he completed his BSc (Hons), MSc, MPhil, and PhD degrees. He has also studied at Jesus College, Cambridge University and Teachers College, Columbia University. Dhanpaul lived for two years among the Amerindians of Guyana and taught at the LSE, York College, CUNY, and with the Department of Education, City of New York. Dhanpaul has published four books on the diaspora. He founded the Gandhi Peace March in Queens and is a co-founder of the Phagwah Parade which the New York Times calls ‘ the biggest street festival in Queens.’ Dhanpaul ran for a City Council seat in New York in 2005. He is currently the president of the Shri Trimurti Bhavan. He has his own television show on Time Warner cable and writes a weekly column for the ‘West Indian’ newspaper in New York. In April 2006 Dhanpaul was featured in the New York Daily News ‘ Spotlight on Great Lives.

Kimani nehusi

Dr. Kimani Nehusi, FHEA has been lecturer in history at the University of Guyana and the University of London, founder and Director of the Afrika Studies Centre at the University of East London, where he was also Academic Advisor for Black Students and Senior Lecturer in the School of Education. He is currently Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, Tshwane University, South Africa and Associate Professor in the Department of Africology, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. A former international athlete in Track and Field, Dr. Nehusi was Co-Founder and President of Ruralites Athletic Club and Atoms Athletic Club; National Track and Field Coach of Guyana; Vice President and Convenor of the Development Committee of the Amateur Athletic Association of Guyana; and member of the panel of international coaches of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF). He was honoured for his service to Track and Field in Guyana by the IAAF.

Ann_PersaudMs. Ann Persaud is a Guyanese/Canadian with a background in Finance and Development. She lectures at the University of Guyana and is a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire. She is also the Guyana Representative for the Canadian Executive Service Organisation which provides expert volunteers to support Economic Development.

eric phillipsMr. Eric Phillips is currently Chairperson of Guyana Reparations Committee and Member of Caricom Reparations Commission. He has Mr. has served internationally as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Vice President, Chief Operation Officer, Program Director and Engineer in seven countries. In the USA, he served as the Project Manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories for the US$ 15 Billion FTS2000 integrated telecommunication project which allowed him, among other factors, to be recognized as a 1990 – 1991 White House Fellow, the only Caribbean educated Fellow at that time. He was nominated for the United States Black Engineer of the Year Award for his work on FTS-2000. Mr. Phillips is the Chairman of The esseQuibo Group, a consulting firm that advises Guyana Goldfields, Inc, a listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, an MBA in Marketing and International Business from New York University, and a Communications Training Program (CTP) for Telecommunications Engineering designation from the Stevens Institute of Technology and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Toward a Just and Caring Future

Michael Ralph

Dr. Michael Ralph, a Graduate of New York University’s doctoral program served for a number of years as a Southern University System Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (Int.) and Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, and university faculty at a number of universities in the U.S. Currently he is CEO and President of College & University Professional Accreditation Services, CUPAS – in partnership with Concord USA and XITRACS Corporations.

Guyanese Diaspora Engagement: A Call To Action!


Mr.Peter Ramrayka, MBA, CIHM, FRSPH, FIHEEM, is a Guyana born British based healthcare leader who has also worked in a wide range of developing countries. Active in UK politics, he was a former Justice of the Peace for Inner London and served in the Royal Air Force.

Mr. Desmond Roberts is a former Director General of the Guyana National Service. He initiated the International Association of National Service Organizations (Lusaka). He later held the appointment of Commander Administration and Logistics of the Guyana Defense Force, his parent organization. He has a degree in Finance (University of Maryland) and won a Mayor of New York Scholarship to study Urban Policy and Management (New School University), where he developed an interest in transnationalism and the Guyanese immigrant community. Roberts contributed a chapter “indo and Afro-Guyanese Immigrants in New York City: An Analysis of Selected Transnational Experiences” in Lear Matthews’ (ed) English Speaking Caribbean Immigrants: Transnational Identities (2014). An eclectic sports aficionado, he was president of the AAG, managing the Guyana athletic team to the Soul Olympics (1988).

Ms. Shanomae Rose, a University of Guyana lecturer, graduated with an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, the Netherlands in 2000 and an MPH in Epidemiology from St. George’s University, Grenada in 2011. Ms. Rose has authored and co-authored publications in the area of environmental health. Shanomae is the third of four children and the mother of one.

nadine.sancharaMs. Nadine Sanchara was born in West Coast Demerara, Guyana on February 26, 1990. She holds a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Guyana and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication and Development at Ohio University in the US. She is expected to graduate from that institution in April, 2017.

The Glamorization of Alcohol in Contempoary Guyanese Chutney Music

Dr. Allyson Stoll gained the PhD in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University in 2011. She also holds a Master’s degree in Conservation and a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Dr. Stoll’s research and teaching interests center on finding innovative responses to environmental and natural resource management issues in Guyana and the wider Caribbean, primarily using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques that are grounded in participatory approaches and methods. Since 2014, she has taught courses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Land Use Planning and Environmental Management, Spatial Issues in the Caribbean and Latin America, and Research Methods at the University of Guyana.  Dr. Stoll has served as a member of the Iwokrama Review Committee and is the current Chair of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Mr. Damion Trent was born in Guyana. He attended Primary and Secondary schools in Brooklyn and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Trent obtained an Associate Degree in Education and a BA in Africans in the Americas History and politics/Children’s Studies from Medgar Evers College, and a Graduate Degree from Brooklyn College in Social Studies Education. He teaches History, Government and Economics in NYC Public Schools and has prepared students for the GED examinations. Mr. Trent has traveled extensively in Africa.
Prof. Vishwa Nath Verma is an academic staff of the University of Guyana. He obtained his B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees from Banaras Hindu University (#1 University in India). He has been involved in research in UK, USA, Germany and Italy and served as a professor in Sudan, Kenya and Libya for many years. Dr Verma’s research work is quite diversified in basic and applied research fields in Physics and Chemistry. He is presently the Editorial Board Members of 4 International Scientific Journals.
Keith WaiteMr. Keith Waithe is an award winning flautist, composer and teacher. A celebrated proponent of vocal gymnastics, he is also leader of the Macusi Players world music Jazz band. From his collection of over 200 flutes, Keith fuses enigmatic musical forms and world music resonances. He has worked on radio, theatre and television and has produced eight albums, the last Gathering Echoes to rave reviews. Keith performed at the first Rupununi Music and Arts Festival in Annai, Guyana in 2014.

nigel westmaas

Dr. Nigel Westmaas is Associate Professor of Africana studies at Hamilton College, New York. He earned his Masters and Ph.D. from SUNY Binghamton and BA Hons from the University of Guyana. He has published articles in journals and magazines, including Against the Current, Small Axe, Emancipation Magazine, Caribbean Studies, Guyana Art Forum and An Introductory Reader for Women’s Studies in Guyana. He is the co-editor with David Granger of a UNESCO assisted booklet Guyanese Periodicals: 1796-1996. Dr. Westmaas is a longtime political activist of Guyana’s Working People’s Alliance (WPA.)

Rev Gillian Wilson is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas. She is currently the Librarian at the United Theological College of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. She is a Guyanese, former student of St. Joseph’s High School for girls 1961-66, past student of the University of Guyana.