Guyana Cultural Association NY Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to promoting our culture through the annual Guyana Folk Festival and other events throughout the year. The mission is to document, showcase and celebrate the multiple roots of Guyana’s cultural heritage. Through our work we preserve our cultural heritage and make it available through various channels to inspire future generations of Guyanese at home and abroad. In short, the mission is to Preserve, Promote and Propagate Guyanese creativity.  For more information visit the Guyana Cultural Association of New York at

The GCA Executive Committee includes

  • Dr. Vibert Cambridge – President
  • Ms. Ave Brewster-Haynes – Vice President
  • Ms. Claire Patterson-Monah – Financial Director
  • Mr. Edgar Henry – Assistant to the Financial Director
  • Ms. Claire-Ann Goring – Cultural Director
  • Ms. Rose October-Edun – Assistant to the Cultural Director
  • Mr. Maurice Blenman – Assistant to the Cultural Director
  • Dr. Juliet A. Emanuel – Secretary
  • Ms. Patricia Jordan-Langford – Assistant to the Secretary