The Guyana Cultural Association of New York Awards

Call for Nominations – 2014
Guyana Cultural Association of New York will host its annual Awards Ceremony on August 27th, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.  Our anniversary theme is We Bridgin’ which represents a passionate thrust amongst Guyanese to strengthen our connections and build new, positive and enduring ones for our nation.

The emphasis in 2014 is on identifying and celebrating individuals and organizations whose initiatives and efforts were inspired by Guyana’s rich multi-ethnic heritage. We will acknowledge their contributions to the improvement of inter-ethnic dialogue and feelings of trust in Guyanese society at home and in the Diaspora.

Starting in 2001 the Guyana Cultural Association of New York has been the leader in recognizing those who have motivated us to excellence. In that tradition, we will acclaim exemplars who have demonstrated substantial accomplishments in attaining the goals of our theme.  Nominations for awards are open until July 20th, 2014.

Another initiative of recognition this season is The Godfrey Chin Prize for Heritage Journalism and details are available here.

Award Categories
Our awards celebrate outstanding contributors in the following categories:
• Guyana Cultural Association Award
• Guyana Cultural Association Award – Youth
• Guyana Cultural Association Exemplary Award
• Guyana Cultural Association Lifetime Achievement Award

What We Do
Request nominations from anyone or entity and assess the submissions that are complete and on time. Nominations are open until July 20th 2014
• Nomination can be submitted for a person or an entity whose work fits within the theme – We Bridgin’
• Youth nominations must detail the academic and extracurricular accomplishments that position the nominee above the average in his or her area of scholastic and cultural activities.

Selection Criteria
A selection committee evaluates each nomination considering seven criteria: originality, scope, impact / influence, integration, pioneering spirit, challenges and achievements.

Please read the Selection Criteria details for more information. Selections will only be made from Nominations received on time complete with photographs.

Please click here for Nomination Form below.

Your questions about the 2014 Awards can be sent to this email address:

Past honorees are listed here:

Ronald H. Lammy
Chair, Guyana Cultural Association of NY Awards Committee


1. Originality:
This attribute refers to the nature of the idea, expression, or product/innovation. The term “expression” issued here refers to more than verbal expressions and can include any manifestation of Guyanese creativity from cuisine, clothing, music, visual and performing arts, etc.
2. Scope:
Did the idea, expression, product/innovation have ramifications /consequences beyond the village, country, region, etc? Has it been long lasting? Here we also consider factors that could have constrained or restricted the scope of the idea, expression, product /innovation.
3. Impact/Influence:
Did the idea, expression, or product/innovation have economic, political, cultural, and social consequences?
4. Integration:
Did the idea, expression, or product or innovation contribute to social, cultural, and political harmony? Also, did it lead to the improvement of cultural understanding?
5. Pioneering spirit:
Pioneering spirit refers to an idea, expression, and product or innovation that was introduced even in the face of derision.
6. Challenges:
This refers to nominees who have overcome physical, psychological, economic, social, residential, cultural, and political barriers to make a contribution that satisfies some of the criteria or attributed listed at 1 through 5.
7. Achievements:
This refers to the nominee’s body of work. It is not a mere quantitative measure – “Nuff is not always the best.”
8. Youth – Outstanding Achievement:
The nominee must attain one of the top three grade rankings in his or her institutions programs in the humanities, creative and expressive arts. Evaluation emphasis will be placed on accomplishments in music, theatre arts, Caribbean history and Caribbean literature. If the latter two are not available in the nominee’s school’s curriculum, world history and world literature will be accepted as substitutes.
• The Guyana Cultural Association Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for Guyanese nationals.
• The Guyana Cultural Association Exemplary Award is presented to a person and The Guyana Cultural Association Award is offered to an individual or entity.
• Youth awardees are either born in Guyana, or have at least one parent who is Guyanese, or of Guyanese descent.Completing a Nomination
• Focus on the selection criteria that describe the nominee’s contribution.
• Be specific and concise. Submit 100 or more words but do not exceed 500.
• Assume the review committee knows nothing about the nominee.
• Provide a photograph with your form.
• Email your completed form before July 20, 2014NOMINATION DEADLINE IS JULY 20, 2014
• Selections will only be made from Nominations received on time and are complete.
• It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the nomination is complete.

Please e-mail the photograph in the JPEG format as a separate attachment to: and reference your nominee’s name for our information.

Nomination Form

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